Monday, November 21, 2011

Food allergies are making me Crazy!! Have any recipes without...?

I can't have: Wheat, oats, crab, strawberries, oranges, apples, potatoes, any seed or nut, carrots, tomatoes, corn, or soy. Essentailly, I can have rice, milk, meats, bananas (I hate them), and grapes. Help!

[Recently allergy tested because my skin and stomach suddenly decided to hate me.]

Food allergies are making me Crazy!! Have any recipes without...?

Can you have all dairy products? There are many many receipes at; I would however see what you can do to substitute ingredients by experiementing. Sounds like you can do meatloaf (use cooked rice for the agent); can you have breads, etc., made with rice flour?

A good salad is chopped turkey with grapes and a little mayo. There is the Greek dish of onions wrapped in grape leaves and baked. (I forgot what it is called). Rice pudding sound like you can eat that. Can you use some of these foods in small portions? For example, can you use a little tomato to make baste or just a little sauce?

You can use beef and chicken broth/drippings with corn starch to make a gravy to have change of pace as opposed to plain meat.

Sounds like you can do the pasta route - lots of pasta dishes - Alfredos, primovera, the white cheese and sauce dishes.

Good luck.

(And write a cookbook from the receipes you collect. )
Reply:I didn't even know it was possible to be allergic to all of those things. Are you sure it isn't something else - something in your environment, or maybe your refrigerator? That just doesn't sound right...

You can have more than that though...what about other vegetables? Broccoli, celery, cucumbers, etc. Are you allergic to legumes (beans and such) as well as nuts?
Reply:Look into the FAAN. Food Allergy and Anaphylactic Network. They will lead you in the right direction. Also there are many support groups for people with food allergies. Go find one.
Reply:That seems weird. Have you tried milk with cinnamon and sugar over rice (cooked rice)? Good for breakfast instead of bread or oats. Kabobs= meat, usually with rice, so that's an idea. Fried plantains instead of bananas? I'd be looking for a way to control or get a second opinion because you are left with a not very healthy diet.

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Vitamin c allergies,,symptoms of allergie?

is a burning sensation of the skin a symptom of vitamin c allergies

Vitamin c allergies,,symptoms of allergie?
Your body NEEDS vitamin C to survive, I do not think you are allergic to it (nearly all vegetables have at least a minute amount in them anyways, so you couldn't avoid it). Go to the doctors and get a check done on that burning sensation, it can be anything from sunburn to something more serious.
Reply:Actually u can be allergic to anything, if its not the vitamin C, it could be the constituent in the tablet. Signs of allergic reaction includes rash and redness on the skin, swollen tongue lips, etc. My safest bet is that u stop anything that u just recently started may it be the vit C tablets or anything else otherwise, and take an antihistamine tablet and see how it goes. If it doesnt get any better and gets worst within a day, then you have to see a dr.
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What causes darkning on the skin?

my son has darkning under his stomach and on his lower back what could cause that? is it allergies or maybe its a skin disorder? please answer promptly

What causes darkning on the skin?
I think is a normal genetic characteristic, but if you think is too dark, ask to the doctor.

How will i know that my zit like skin is not an allergy or a german measles??

German measles will go away and there is no pus. Allergies in the areas where there is acne are usually caused by contact with something to which you are allergic.

Acne is caused when the pores become blocked (black heads, become whiteheads and infection may follow) untreated it may leave nasty scarring. Treatment is usually very successful.

Go to Google Images and you will see what all three look like. Acne is pretty easy to spot - no pun intended.

Do I have allergies?? Heat rash?

For a while now I've been having moments where out of nowhere I notice scratches on my skin. I think it may be allergies. I'm unsure though. I do plan on getting allergy test done next week. I've been so busy lately, I have not had a chance, but I will now. I'll have to take a day off from work.. cause I was taking a nap, and I woke up with this. Anybody think it's something else. I took a benedryl and put some benedryl cream on. Can allergies cause me to do this??

this sometimes happens when I'm awake. I did notice I was wearing some PJ's that could of irratated it. Also I had the heat on. What do you think?

Serious answers only.

Do I have allergies?? Heat rash?
I have gotten this exact thing before, they told me it was allergies. I never was able to figure out what it was from. I do know that you aren't supposed to take benadryl by mouth and the cream at the same time. I have used that Gold Bond intense moisturizer in the green bottle. It was menthol and it does really soothe the itchy skin.
Reply:looks like u scratched urself unconsiously and then after a while the welts come up. yes have ur alergy tests. do u have any spots/ rash? do u itch all over especially early morning like 4am? does any one else in close contact with u have the same symptoms? it may take up to 6 weeks for symptoms to appear. if all the normal allergy tratments dont work do not rule out scabies. look it up, compare symptoms and ask ur doctor. just pointing this out to u because doctors seem to sometimes ignore the possibility. hopefully its something easy to treat. maybe ur allergic to dust, or are u using a new perfume for example.hope u get to the bottom of this fast. good luck.
Reply:Could be allergies or hives. You should go see a doctor or dermatologist or something. Just get some cream for that pronto!

If you can't get it checked out anytime soon, buy some Aloe Vera and put it on a few times a day to relieve the itching/redness. Also, try not to wear anything irritating to your skin..especially those pj's you mentioned about.

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Are there any Home remedies for skin condition assoc w/allergy?

My husband is having a serious reaction to the coolant used in the Machine shop he works at. This condition looks and feels very much like poison oak with the blistering and irritation.

Are there any Home remedies for skin condition assoc w/allergy?
If you are sure that this is a specific reaction to the coolant, it would be best for him to use a protective barrier on the skin area/s exposed, i.e. for the hands/arms: disposable latex gloves (elbow length if necessary);

if it is an allergic reaction, this should treat and then reduce the symptoms.

If he does this and the symptoms persist, he should see his doctor or dermatologist.

Good luck.

Are there any Home remedies for skin condition associated w/allergy?

My husband is having a serious reaction to the coolant used in the Machine shop he works at. This condition looks and feels very much like poison oak with the blistering and irritation.

Are there any Home remedies for skin condition associated w/allergy?
Alright, so let's look at this more closely. What it really sounds like you're asking is "Is there a natural remedy my husband can take that will make his body's wise symptoms go completely away...?" Yeah. There is: Stop exposing your sacred, delicate and extremely fragile skin to chemicals that are literally eating that skin alive, got it? That or wear gloves when dealing w/ the chemicals, or better yet, get a new job, one where you're not exposed to poisons. Seems like a no brainer to me.

On a slightly nicer note: Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Cream works wonders for almost any skin eruption. Aloe gel will help too, as will homeopathic sulfur, usually, especially if he is one who "picks" at himself. Your asking for a "cure", when he's just going to expose himself to the same stuff over and over again, is rather a ridiculous waste of all our times and energies, is it not? Imagine, for a moment, what all those fumes are doing to his lungs, kidneys and liver...Rather than trying to "shut his skin up" and suppress its message, isn't it really, truly time to find another way to earn money, besides doing something that will literally kill him? And here's another clue, if his hands are that much of a wreck, I can pretty much guarantee you he isn't following OSHA safety protocols and guidelines for handling toxic substances...time to wake up, kids.
Reply:Try rubbing his skin with a chammomile tea bag
Reply:There are no home remedies for situations like this. The best remedy probably is for your husband to change his job. Most allergies disappear once you stay away from the causative agent.
Reply:sounds like he has a reaction to glycol or other cutting fluids/oils,assuming that is what they are using as coolants.he should check with the epa safety person at the plant.of course if it is a small operation then he may find no help.constant exposure even with treatment is not going to work.change coolants or.........